I hurt my ankle 5 years ago playing basketball. It never healed properly and I thought I would have to live with the pain. I had a consultation with Dr. Mussett and he made me feel comfortable with surgery. I am a new man thanks to his knowledge and expertise.


About 6 months ago, I noticed my toenails were starting to discolor. I was embarrased to tell anyone and I couldn’t wear sandals or walk around barefoot. I finally called and made an appointment at American Podiatry Centers. Dr. Mussett made me feel comfortable and assured me that many people have this problem. Treatment was easy, and my nails are back to normal. Thanks!


I have poor circulation in my feet as a result of my diabetes. I used to dread putting my shoes on because they were so uncomfortable. I went to APC and Dr. Mussett fit me into custom footwear. I now feel better IN my shoes than I do with them off. It’s wonderful!


I woke up one day with redness and swelling on my big toe. It really hurt! I went to see Dr. Mussett and he explained that I had an ingrown toenail. He fixed it right in the office. My toe felt better immediately. It was great. Thanks, Dr. Mussett.


I went to see Dr. Mussett when I started having trouble with my feet. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and effectively got rid of my pain. The office is so beautiful! I can’t imagine going anywhere else. I now have all of my girlfriends going to American Podiatry Centers and they couldn’t be happier.


I walk around my college campus everyday: I started getting pain in my feet and I told my mom about it. She set an appointment for me to see Dr. Mussett. He made me custom arches for my shoes and now it’s easy to walk with no pain!


I used to have a painful bunion on my toe. It made everyday walking difficult. I avoided treatment because I was afraid of surgery. The staff at American Podiatry Centers understood my apprehension and everything was done right in the office! Thanks to Dr. Mussett, I’m back to the game I love.


My mom took me to go see Dr. Mussett when I had warts on my feet. He was really nice, and it didn’t hurt when he took them off. Now I have no warts.


I was very impressed with Dr. Mussett and my overall experience at American Podiatry Centers. The facilities are state-of-the-art! The entire staff is friendly, accommodating, and my treatment was gentle and effective.